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Physical Literacy

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Moving in the Hallways

Edmonton Catholic Schools is Moving in the Hallways!

Moving in the Hallways is a component of Edmonton Catholic Schools’ Mental Health Strategic Plan. Our school hallways are a unique space to facilitate an active environment for our students, allowing them to practice physical literacy in new ways. The Moving in the Hallways initiative recognizes the importance of creating environments that support student well-being by engaging in active learning throughout the school.

With a whole-school approach, schools are able to support the development of physical literacy by engaging students in a variety of ways. We want to build knowledge and skills around physical literacy, which will support the overall physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellness of our students.

ECSD Teacher: Click here for resources available on the staff portal 

Moving at Home

There are many benefits of regular physical activity. Check out these resources:

Active for Life

BOKS Resources

Ophea Healthy Schools Healthy Communities

YGym Virtual Physical Activity for Kids

A Blackfoot Movement Story

My Active at Home PLAYbook

Recipe for an Active Day

At Home Activities

Sock Ball Games

Move & Play Through the Seasons

Developing physical literacy is an essential part of child development. Encouraging children to move in a variety of environments builds confidence and competence in movement. This helps to build lifelong engagement in physical activities.  Check out the seasonal resources for your child!

Spring Resources

Connecting Nature and Physical Literacy - A Family Nature Scavenger Hunt

My Active Family Bucket List

Winter Resources

AHS Building Resilient Families - Winter Edition

Move & Play Through the Winter, Eh?

Orange Marks the Spot - Lesson Plans to Support Outdoor Adventure

29 Fun Games Kids Can Play in the Snow

Additional Resources

Move & Play Early Years Parent Play Day

Mindful Walking

Active for Life

How to Dress for the Weather Guide

Whatever the Weather to Get Children Active

Physical Education Activities

PHE Canada - Daily Physical Activity

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