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Yellow Bus Delays


Transportation Services will send late bus notifications via the BusPlanner Delays App. The App is available for both Android and iPhone. 

You can also view delays on the live Yellow BusPlanner Delay Board

What to do if my bus is late?

Please wait at the stop for 10 minutes from your pick-up/drop-off time. If the bus has not arrived please call Transportation Services at 780-441-6078.

How do I set up the Bus Planner Delays App?

  1. Download the free BusPlanner Delays App through the respective App Store on your phone: 


2) Open the App, select the wrench at the top, select Edmonton Catholic Schools, and click next: 


3) For alerts, select “My Child’s Bus.”: 


4) Select the school(s) you would like to receive notifications and click “+” after selecting each school. Once you finish selecting schools, click “Next.”: 


5) Select the applicable bus run(s) and click “+.” If you wish to receive notifications for more than one bus, repeat the process for each bus. Once you finish, click “Done,” and the App will return to the main screen: 


6) Please make sure notifications for the BusPlanner Delays App are turned on within your phone settings. Also, please ensure your phone software is up to date. Note: Data usage and rates will occur while using the BusPlanner Delays App. 


If you have any questions, please contact Transportation Services at 780-441-6078 or

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