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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible for transportation? 

A student eligible for transportation under the Education Act is a student who resides 2.4 kilometres or more from their designated school to which the Division has directed the student. 

What school does my child attend? 

Edmonton Catholic Schools supports each school by following the attendance boundaries established by the Division. Adherence to school boundaries promotes the viability of each school. If a parent chooses to enroll their child in a school of choice and not the designated neighbourhood school, it is the parent's responsibility to transport the child. Transportation Services must follow Division boundaries to provide equitable and sustainable services for our students. 

To determine your designated school, please visit here: 

How are bus stops determined? 

All bus stop locations are with student safety in mind. Students board and get off buses at designated school bus zones, transit zones, future transit zones, the far side of crosswalks, or the far side of intersections. These locations promote consistent crossing practices that are safe for students. 

Stop locations are based on applications before the application deadline. Stops are designed to be equitable while accommodating students in the same geographic area. Transit stops are the preferred stop locations as they have snow clearing in the winter, and transit stop signs increase visibility, which improves student safety. 

Who is responsible for my child before and after riding the bus? 

It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility for the child(ren) before and after riding the bus. Please ensure your child(ren)’s safety while getting to and from the bus pick-up/drop-off points. 

Will my child be released from the bus if I am not there? 

Students in grades 2-12 will be released without an adult/guardian present. Division transportation policy requires that an adult/guardian is available to receive all Kindergarten and Grade 1 students at the scheduled drop-off location and time.

However, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that someone can receive a student on curb service transportation at the scheduled drop-off location and time. If no one is available, bus drivers will contact the carrier, communicate this information, and continue the route. At the end of the route, drivers will return the student to the school. This safety practice applies to Kindergarten, Grade 1, and students on inclusive transportation routes. 

How long should my child wait at the bus stop? 

Parents are advised that if a bus does not arrive within 20 minutes of its scheduled time, they assume the bus is not coming. Parents must ensure that their child knows to return home or to a pre-selected location and it is the responsibility of the parents to make alternate arrangements to get their child to school. 

Why can’t my child start taking the bus right away? 

The student must be on the route schedule and seating plan before accessing yellow bus transportation. The school and the bus driver must know which students are on the yellow bus; this is a best practice to ensure the safe transportation of all students.   

Changes in the design of a route will have an impact on all riders. Therefore, requests for adjustments must be authorized through the Division Transportation Services office. Route changes only occur on Wednesdays and can take up to 2-3 weeks to be processed. 

What happens if I am not at the bus stop to meet my child who is in Kindergarten or Grade 1?

It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that an adult/guardian is available to receive Kindergarten and/or Grade 1 students at the scheduled drop-off location and time. If no one is available, bus drivers are instructed to contact the carrier, communicate this information and then continue on with the route. At the end of the route, drivers will return the student to the school 

We are moving, how do we get a new bus pass or cancel? 

If your address is changing, please submit a Transportation Change Form to Transportation Services as soon as possible to avoid any service delays. 

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