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COVID-19 - Transportation Services


Procedures  — Scenario 1 

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  • Parents, children and students should not be in the pick-up area or enter the bus if they have symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Masks are mandatory for all students (K to Grade 12) on yellow buses. The requirement does not include pre-kindergarten/100 Voices students; however, the Division recommends using masks for pre-kindergarten/100 Voices students as physical distancing is not always possible on yellow buses. Exemptions also apply to students in Inclusive Education programs who cannot put on and use a mask properly or students with severe sensory issues that make mask-wearing not feasible. ECSD staff will collaborate with parents to determine if a student with special needs can wear a mask properly. Bus drivers will have a limited supply of masks for students who do not have a mask with them.

  • School bus drivers will be required to wear masks and or face shields when picking up and dropping off students. Each bus driver will have a protective zone, which may include:  

    • 2-metre physical distance 
    • A non-medical mask

  • Students will be assigned seats on the school bus. The bus drivers and schools will have a copy of the seating plan for each respective bus. Students who live in the same household will be seated together.

  • Schools should develop procedures for student loading, unloading, and transfers that support physical distancing of 2 metres between all persons (except household members), when possible and may include:

    • Students start loading from the back seats to the front of the bus 
    • Students start unloading from the front seats to the back of the bus 
    • Where feasible, limit the number of students per bench unless from the same household 
    • Students from the same household may share seats

  • If a child becomes symptomatic during the bus trip, the driver will inform school staff to make appropriate arrangements to pick up the child/student upon arrival.

  • All contracted carriers will be implementing enhanced cleaning procedures. The cleaning of high-touch surfaces will occur before and after every run. Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces includes wiping down the entry doors, wiping railing, wiping seat tops-backs-fronts-seats, and wiping the wall under windows. The driver’s protocol includes wiping the steering wheel, hazard and indicator arm, dash, buttons, seat belt buckles, and radio. Edmonton Catholic Schools


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