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Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: September 17, 2021

Please note: This FAQ will be updated as we are provided additional information from the Government of Alberta.   

Do staff and students need to wear a mask at school? 

Yes. We will require students in Kindergarten to Grade 12, staff members, and visitors to wear masks/face coverings while in school. Masks may be temporarily removed indoors for the following activities, consuming food or drink or physical activity.  Outdoor times like recess can be used as opportunities to provide students with breaks. 

Masks will be strongly recommended for students in 100 Voices taking into consideration age and developmental needs.

Masks remain mandatory for students (100 Voices to Grade 12) and staff members on school buses.  

Will physical distancing still be required? 

Schools are encouraged to maintain spacing as much as possible between students and staff in areas inside and outside of the classroom. Cohorting at the elementary level will be implemented to help minimize risk of exposure. At the junior high level, when cohorting is not achievable, there will be an increased focus on other measures such as physical spacing, hand hygiene, and the use of masks.

What other health and safety measures can be expected to keep students and staff safe? 

Edmonton Catholic Schools will continue with the following protocols:

  • All Students, staff, and visitors will be asked to self-screen for symptoms using the Daily Health Screening Questionnaire
  • A focus on hand hygiene, including increased handwashing and availability of hand sanitizer in locations throughout the school where soap and water may not be available.
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting in schools.
  • HVAC systems will be maintained in accordance with manufacturer operational guidelines. 

What happens if a student is ill and showing symptoms? 

Students are required to complete the Daily Health Screening Questionnaire before entering school. It is imperative students and staff stay home when sick. 

If a student or staff member becomes ill during the school day, they will need to leave the school immediately or move to a designated area in the school. The school will contact parents or guardians to pick up their child immediately. If a parent or guardian cannot pick up their child, the student will remain in the designated area until dismissal.

Students with a chronic health issue that is medically diagnosed and unrelated to COVID-19 should look for new, different, or worsening symptoms.

What happens when a student or staff member is diagnosed with COVID-19? 

Effective July 29, Alberta Health Services is no longer notifying close contacts of exposures, including close contacts in school settings. Until further guidance is provided, isolation for anyone with COVID-19 symptoms and for confirmed positive cases is still required. Testing for symptomatic individuals will continue, and AHS Public Health will continue to follow up with all cases of COVID-19.  

If your child has tested positive for COVID-19, we encourage you to let your school administration know. When our schools are made aware of a confirmed case of COVID-19 by a parent or guardian, we will share that information with the school community while keeping personal details confidential. We will likely not be aware of every COVID-19 case in our schools since self-reporting is voluntary. A letter detailing the notification process was sent home to parents on Wednesday, September 15.

AHS Public Health will investigate school outbreaks that meet the current alert/outbreak definitions using the following processes: 

  • When AHS has identified a single or multiple (two or more) cases at a school, AHS will contact the school authority using the existing processes.  
  • AHS Public Health will make referrals to Environmental Public Health if necessary. 
  • AHS Public Health will no longer obtain class lists or send individual notifications to classroom close contacts. 

Will sports and extra-curricular activities return for the 2021-2022 school year? 

Extra-curricular activities such as sports, teams, clubs, and group performance are important for students’ mental health, wellbeing, and social skills. These activities will return for the 2021-2022 school year. Modifications may be required for activities with close contact. ECSD will continue to provide families with updates regarding sports and extra-curricular activities as more information is provided.



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