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Extensions Guided by an Early Childhood Educator

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Full-day programming will have a Kindergarten Program and an Extension Studio.  The Extensions Programming is guided by an Early Childhood Educator (ECE).

Extensions Programming Highlights: 

  • Image of a play space for students in ExtensionsThe studio learning environment is a space that has real-life experiences that embed concepts in ways that are meaningful to children in a play-based context.
  • The Early Childhood Educator takes the curiosity of the child and co-creates projects and interest-based centres for the children to engage in and to let their learning take flight.
  • A sense of community is fostered through social-emotional learning.
  • IMG_9141.jpgChildren learn self-confidence by engaging in problem-solving experiences that support risk-taking and creative thinking through evolving projects.
  • Creative expression is nurtured in a multi-modal approach that explores a variety of fine art experiences that include art, drama and musical exploration.
  • Visible learning is promoted to the school community and families through Early Childhood Educator documentation that supports the child's view of their world.

The Extensions Program is guided by the Alberta Early Learning and Care Framework.

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