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Kindergarten Taught by a Certified Teacher

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Kindergarten Programming Highlights:

  • Teacher engaging children in a read aloudThe classroom learning environment is where academic curriculum is taught, and learner  outcomes explored as a community of learners.
  • This is where the teacher plans, develops and teaches through whole group, small group and individual experiences. 
  • The classroom teacher creates meaningful opportunities for learning by intentionally setting targeted learning outcomes for the children to work towards achieving. 
  • The teacher would assess the children’s understanding and report on learner outcomes to parents including formal reporting with PowerTeacher Pro.  
  • Play-based opportunities are woven through the Kindergarten Program to support the child's natural curiosity as they begin to conceptualize the curriculum outcomes being taught.

Kindergarten Programming is based on the Alberta Programs of Study, the Kindergarten Program Statement and the Alberta Education Competencies:

Program of Study Link for Alberta EducationKindergarten Program Statement LinkAlberta Education Student Competencies

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