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Humans of ECSD

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Welcome to Humans of ECSD!

Humans of ECSD explores the personal experience of students and staff at Edmonton Catholic Schools. The launch of this annual project coincides with Catholic Education Week and provides an opportunity to articulate the unique blessing that is Catholic education. This digital story-telling campaign takes its cues from the Humans of New York project. 

Zachary - Archbishop O'Leary Catholic High School


Meet Zachary – He’s an accomplished Indigenous musician, volunteer extraordinaire, and willing to share his talents and showcase his heritage at any opportunity.  Words his teachers use to describe him are exemplary, leader, honourable, courageous and committed.  Zachary and his family coordinated a fundraiser to buy Tim Horton’s gift cards and feminine hygiene products for the most vulnerable in Edmonton.  He is #ECSDfaithinspires.

Karla - Holy Family Catholic Elementary/Junior High School


Meet Karla – When she first moved to Canada, she faced racial discrimination, but those negative experiences didn’t harden the young teen.  She is a living example of compassionate leadership and is an advocate for inclusiveness, equality and social justice. She volunteers in her community, at school sporting events and is always sharing her time to support performing arts.  She is #ECSDfaithinspires

Georgia - St. Francis Xavier Catholic High School

Georgia (1).png

Meet Georgia – For only being 17, this young woman has a lot of titles.  Honour Student.  Vice-President. Volunteer. Co-Founder. And now Human of ECSD.  Georgia has a 95% average and has been accepted into the Oxford University’s Medicine Intensive Program for Aspiring High School Students.  She is representing her graduating class as the Vice-President on her Grad Council.  She volunteers her time on the Stollery Youth Advisement Council and is co-founder of an Edmonton based company that supports local businesses called YEG Box. She is #ECSDfaithinspires.

Beenadd - St. Alphonsus Catholic Elementary/Junior High School

Beenadd (1).png

Meet Beenadd – He is funny, intelligent, and may possibly be a future Prime Minister of Canada! He consistently shows kindness to his peers by respecting their individualities and strengths and utilizes his gifts and talents to create a positive environment wherever he is. He goes out of his way to ensure that no one is left out and befriends everyone. He is #ECSDfaithinspires.  

Chris - Archbishop Joseph MacNeil Catholic Elementary/Junior High School 

Chris (1).png

Meet Chris - Originally from the Congo, he moved to Canada only two years ago and has spent that time building his English skills.   Always optimistic, he has easily made friends and impressed his teachers with his work ethic by volunteering for numerous school events. Chris is compassionate and is a leader both in and out of the classroom. He is #ECSDfaithinspires

Naomi - Mother Margaret Mary Catholic High School

Naomi (1).pngMeet Naomi - Using every school outlet available to her, Naomi raises awareness among students and staff about Black history, oppression, and excellence. Naomi doesn’t just educate our school community, she enriches it—and her school is proud to call her their own.  She is #ECSDfaithinspires. 

Ella - Sister Annata Brockman Catholic Elementary/Junior High School 


Meet Ella – She is an advocate for equality, has plans to break barriers, and is only in Junior High.  She wants to make change and is going to do it by being empathetic, caring, and dedicated.   Since Kindergarten, Sister Annata Brockman staff say she has shown all the virtues of a Catholic leader and to top it all off, she is a devoted football player. She is #ECSDfaithinspires 

Chad - Father Michael Mireau Catholic Elementary/Junior High School 


Meet Chad- Described as a natural leader, open-minded, and hard-working, this humble teen makes a huge impact on his peers.  Armed with his saxophone and willingness to take on risks, he empowers his classmates to follow in his footsteps. His teachers say it cannot be overstated how much of an impact Chad has on his school community. He is #ECSDfaithinspires. 

Jennifer - Archbishop MacDonald Catholic High School


Meet Jennifer – She is a student who has always stood out academically - her marks are all above 95% - but it’s her drive and ambition that sets her apart from the rest. Jennifer is always thinking of new ways to connect with people and looking for different ways she can get involved. Jennifer helps people in her community and volunteers selflessly. There is no doubt that she is a creative innovator who will continue to contribute to making her community and the world a better place. Just this week, she received an $80,000 Schulich Leader Scholarship to study in the Faculty of Science at the University of Alberta. She is #ECSDfaithinspires

Kyro - St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Elementary/Junior High School


Meet Kyro – Athlete, musician, and entrepreneur.  This charming and hard-working teen is a valued member of the Seton community and has already started a home business. He is well-rounded, and staff at St. Elizabeth Seton know he’ll be successful in whatever field he chooses for his future. He is #ECSDfaithinspires.

Bethany - St. Joseph Catholic High School BETHANY.png

Meet Bethany – She entered high school as an anxious student and through hard work, has learned how not to let it overwhelm her. She is an amazing role model for younger students and helps keep school spirit alive by dressing up as TAZ every chance she gets. She is #ECSDfaithinspires


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