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Legal Counsel


General Counsel supports the mission of Edmonton Catholic Schools by providing legal services to the Board of Trustees and the Division. The services of General Counsel are made available to employees in accordance with the Access the General Counsel protocol.

Specific areas of responsibility of Division General Counsel are:

  • Provide sound legal advice and opinions as requested and as required;
  • Draft/review contracts, leases, and other agreements and review existing Division contracts as required or as requested;
  • Where required, interpret statutory and regulatory provisions to recommend proactive practices for Division operations;
  • Make legal representations on behalf of the Division before the courts and administrative tribunals when required;
  • Liaise with School Operations Services on school-related issues of a legal nature;
  • Plan and implement Amicus Curiae Breakfast sessions;
  • Develop materials and in-service training on specific issues as required;
  • Act as liaison with all outside legal counsel who may occasionally be retained by Edmonton Catholic Schools. All legal issues from central office and schools are to be brought to the attention of and discussed with Division General Counsel, who serves as the Division contact for any matters which are to be handled by outside legal counsel.
  • Acts as a liaison with the public and outside agencies on legal matters concerning Edmonton Catholic Schools.

In accordance with the protocol regarding access to the services of General Counsel, when a school administrator has a legal issue or question, the administrator shall first discuss the matter with School Operation Services, an Assistant Superintendent or, where appropriate, the Superintendent, who would then determine whether the services of General Counsel are necessary.

Contact Information

General InquiriesP 780 441-6030
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