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ECSD All-City Music

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Edmonton Catholic Schools is proud to present the ECSD All-City Music Virtual Year-End Concert!

ECSD Senior All-City Band:

A message from ECSD's Senior All-City Band Director, Mr. Dale Chapman:

"This year, as we all know, has been extraordinary. The students of this band gathered in September for the first meeting to collect their music and learn how the year would proceed under COVID-19 restrictions. From then until June 15 we met each week online. No in-person rehearsals were held until June 15, the one and only! Those two hours were precious.  For the first time they heard one another together and within the first thirty minutes, they were balancing and blending as a band should. I am very proud of the music we produced that evening. Would it be better with more rehearsal? Of course! But to put this material together in that time is a triumph. Keep in mind the weeks and months of solitary practice that these students put in. 

Sometimes they got close to the point of asking ‘what are we doing this for?’, ‘what’s the point?’

Well, I think they all realized the point when they gathered to play in June. 

Please enjoy our recordings."

Water Spirits - by Nathan Daughtrey

Four Seasons in Japan - by Satoshi Yagisawa

 Fortaleza - by Andres Alvarez

 The Road to the Isles - arr. by Clare Grundman (Repeat from C of Arts)

 Mountain Time - by Samuel R. Hazo (Repeat from Band Share Day)

ECSD Senior All-City High School Choir:

A message from ECSD All-City High School Choir Director, Lyndsey Olsen:

"Picture a choir rehearsal with half the students in-person, distanced, wearing singing (aka "duck bill") masks, all facing the same direction with little movement, and the other half of the students attending rehearsal virtually, smiling faces on a computer screen on a chair amid the choir, singing along with their microphones muted. It's bizarre to imagine, and even more bizarre to rehearse that way, but we did it! (Except for when we were all online!) 

Through all of the changes and craziness, we continued making music and singing together the best we could. There were some frustrating moments to be sure, but there were many more moments of beauty, humour, and kindness as we figured all of this out together. The choir students were exceptionally committed and eager, and I am so proud of them and the work they did. 

These videos are a wonderful representation of this year - the blending of voices in a whole new way for us! We hope you enjoy our "year-end concert!"

The Parting Glass - arr. By Audrey Snyder

Light of a Clear Blue Morning - by Dolly Parton arr. by Craig Hella Johnson


Bring Me Little Water, Sylvie - arr. by Robert Jones, attributed to Huddie Ledbetter (Encore performance from Celebration of the Arts)

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