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Leadership Support Services



Deputy Superintendent: Dr. Timothy Cusack 

In a spirit of faith and hope, Division Operations provides leadership and administration services to schools, to the Office of the Superintendent and to the Division.   

Division Operations is Responsible for: 

  • Providing day-to-day support to the Superintendent and the areas of School Operations Services as well as Leadership Development Services;
  • Providing direct support to all programs provided by Leadership Development Services;
  • Providing the Superintendent with information and recommendations regarding the identification of candidates for school-based administrative positions as well as collaborate with the designated leadership team for the placement of school-based administrators;
  • Providing leadership with respect to the evaluation of principals in their first three years of principal leadership;
  • Supporting principals in the evaluation and mentorship of assistant principals
  • Providing Division support in the area of Division Archives;

Leadership Development

  • Leadership Training – a program for certificated staff considering a career in school-based leadership.
  • Principal Training – a program of discernment and training for assistant principals who are preparing for a possible appointment to the principalship.
  • New Principal Training – a program that provides training, support and mentorship to first year principals.
  • New Assistant Principal Training – a program that provides encouragement, training and collegial support for first year assistant principals. 
  • Catholic Education Leadership - professional development opportunities for assistant principals, principals and senior administrators.

Division Monitoring Services

Division Monitoring supports student learning and administrative decision making in the following ways:

  • Provide results, reports and analysis of Division assurance surveys, Division exams, standardized tests, provincial achievement tests, and diploma exams
  • Provide expertise in assessment of research proposals
  • Provide FOIP request responses within or under a 30 day time limit
  • Monitoring of Student Records

School Operations Services

School Operations Services provides advice, mediation, coaching, support and proactive planning to support school-based leadership to ensure success for all students. They assist schools in the delivery of the prescribed programs and in dealing with student and/or parent concerns which may arise from time to time while providing leadership conductive to the successful operation of schools as per applicable legislation and Division Administrative Procedures, Examples of their services include: 

  • School hours of operation
  • School and parent support
  • Financial planning & budgeting
  • Critical Response Team coordination (grief counselling)
  • Threat Management Team Coordination
  • Administrative Procedure – review and development
  • Support with suspensions and expulsions
  • Parent/School issue meetings (where requested)
  • Management of School Resource Officers and School Team Advisors for Youth programs

Contact Information

General InquiriesP 780 441-6050
F 780 425-7429
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