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Catholic Education Week 2021


Every year Catholics across the globe, through the celebration of Catholic Education Week, give thanks for the gift of Catholic education which has served nations for centuries through teaching students in their faith. This year, the theme of Catholic Education Week in Alberta is: Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength from Isaiah 40.31. 

In the province of Alberta, we acknowledge with deep gratitude and embrace with unwavering resolve the gift of publically funded Catholic education. We are grateful for the opportunity to provide faith-based education to more than 180,000 students in Alberta and for the teachers, administrators, parents, students, priests, and parishioners who are committed to Catholic education. While the Alberta Bishops’ commitment to Catholic education is resolute as they actively work to ensure the future of Catholic education, everyone has a role to play in sustaining the future of Catholic education. Religion and the Catholic faith are integral values in the education and formation of students.

Catholic Education Week - Prayers, 2021.pdf

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