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The Edmonton Catholic School Division is in the second year the Walking Together Towards a Glorious Future project that continues to analyze and review viability, successes and areas of improvement for schools and programs located across the Division. School enrolments, utilization, student residences, infrastructure requirements, operational costs and possibilities for consolidations will be taken into consideration. The goals of the project are to balance utilization, enhance learning environments, improve operating costs and develop and continuum of focus and language and alternate programs.


St. Nicks/Jerome/Bernadette

  • First meeting was held Feb. 13, 2018, Feb. 19, 2019 and then again this year at each individual school in Feb. 2021 to keep stakeholders informed of the Capital Plan and school statistics as well as to answer any questions the community may have
  • Has moved from priority 6 to 4


St. Lucy/Katherine Therrien/New Junior High

  • Announced to the public on Feb. 11, 2019 at Bishop Savaryn School and then again was presented to stakeholders at both schools in Feb. 2021 to keep the community informed about the progress and capital plan.
  • Has moved from priority 10 to 7

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