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Visual Communications Design Program


Program Overview

Here is an opportunity to get started on your future in visual communications and graphic design. Students of Visual Communication Design in the School of Communication Design (SCD) will develop professional careers in advertising, graphic design, illustration, and character design through specialized program streams grounded in practice, solid drawing and visualization skills, and industry relevance.  

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Registration Information

This Dual Credit program is held during the day and available to students who attend St. Francis Xavier Catholic High School.

Course Details

  • Courses: 
    • Design Fundamentals (VSCM 101)
    • 3D Object Design - The Conceptual Use Object (OBDF 110)
  • Location: St. Francis Xavier Catholic High School
  • When: During the school day
  • High School Credit: Each course will give a student 5 Advanced level Career and Technology Credits (CTS) towards their high school diploma.
  • Post-Secondary Credit: Each course will give a student 3 credits.


  • Enrolled concurrently or completed English 20 – 1 with 60% or ENG 20-2 with 65% 
  • Experience with CTS Graphic Design Courses  

Transfer Information

  • Students must receive a C- or higher for a course to transfer to another post-secondary institution
  • Prior to entering any program at a post-secondary institution, the student must have the necessary prerequisites required by the institution prior to be accepted into their program
  • Each of these courses can be transferred towards a variety of post-secondary institutions, which may lead to a wide variety of potential careers
  • Please refer to for future details on the specific transferability for each course

Potential Careers

  • Graphic Design
  • Creative Director
  • User Experience Designer
  • User Interface Designer
  • Production Artists Developer
  • Multimedia Artist

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