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Veterinarian Technical Assistant


Program Overview

Here is an opportunity to get started on your future as a Veterinary Technician / Animal Sciences Diploma. The Veterinary Technical Assistant / Animal Sciences Diploma is a valued member of a veterinary practice team and works alongside veterinary professionals, Animal Health Technicians / Animal Sciences, and shelter staff in the small animal industry. Animals need care and lots of love. and we need professionals that enjoy working with small animals.

Come and explore your passion with hands-on learning opportunities to work with small animals, through course based work and experiential learning. 

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Registration Details

  • Courses:
    • AHT 1050 - Introduction to the Veterinary Industry - September 2022 - December 2022
    • AHT 1140 - Veterinary Practice - February 2023 - May 2023  
  • Location: Holy Trinity High School
  • When: Wednesday from 4:00 – 7:00 pm
  • High School Credit: Each course will give a student 5 Advanced-level Career and Technology Credits (CTS) towards their high school diploma.
  • Post-Secondary Credit: Each course will give a student 3 credits from Olds College.

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Current high School Student.

Upon completion of high school, students will need to have the following criteria for entering Animal Sciences at the post secondary level: 

  • Students must complete one of the following courses: Biology 20 or Chemistry 20 or Science 20
  • Math 20 - 1 or 20 - 2 
  • English 30 - 1 or 30 - 2 

Transfer Information

  • Students must receive a C- or higher for a course to transfer to another post-secondary institution.
  • Prior to entering any program at a post-secondary institution, the student must have the necessary prerequisites required by the institution prior to be accepted into their program
  • Each of these courses can be transferred towards a variety of post-secondary institutions, which may lead to a wide variety of potential careers.  Please refer to for future details on the specific transferability for each course.

Potential Careers

  • Veterinary hospital / clinic
  • Boarding kennels
  • Grooming facilities
  • SPCA / Humane Society
  • Training / Obedience Assistance 

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