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Aviation Avionic Technology


Program Overview

Here is an opportunity to get started on your future in Aviation Avionics. Students will learn to repair and maintain the electrical and electronic systems — including communication, navigation and data systems — in all types of airplanes and helicopters.

This is one course, Avionics Systems Installation  (EFAB 340), which will begin to prepare you for careers in airline operations, the Canadian Armed Forces, aircraft electronics, aircraft maintenance, aircraft manufacturing and research or regulatory agencies. There is an 89% employment rate upon completion of the program.  

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Registration Details

  • Location: St. Joseph High School
  • When: September 2022 - June 2023 on Wednesdays from 4:00 - 7:00 pm
  • High School Credit: This course will give a student 5 Advanced level Career and Technology Credits (CTS) towards their high school diploma.
  • Post-Secondary Credit: The student will receive 1.5 credits from SAIT.

Avionics Systems Installation (EFAB 340) is a course in which the learner will gain hands-on experience with common hand tools, precision measuring tools and locking devices, and study the coding systems used for materials and hardware required to perform elementary maintenance tasks on aircraft. The learner will study the theory and fabrication of fluid lines and control cables, and learn basic servicing of aircraft fuel and oxygen.

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Enrolled concurrently or completed  Math 20 - 1 or 20 - 2 and English 20 - 1 or English 20 - 2.

Transfer Information

  • Students will receive the Aviation Programs Accreditation Compliance, in which they will be issued a ‘Statement of Aviation Programs Accreditation Compliance’ if they achieve a mark of 70% or higher and meet attendance requirements.
  • This is one course towards a two year Diploma in Aviation Avionics. 

Potential Careers

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) 

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