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Plan ahead - Major changes to Edmonton bus routes coming April 25, 2021

City of Edmonton Bus Network

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What’s Happening?

On April 25, 2021, all Edmonton Transit bus routes have changed as part of the ongoing efforts to modernize transit in our city.  With ETS’ new transit network, buses will be more frequent, more direct and better connected. The new network features five different route types to meet different needs frequent, rapid (express), crosstown, local and community.

New bus stop signs with an updated accessible design have been installed around the city. They include a new naming approach for bus routes so you can more easily find your way around. For example, School Special bus routes will all be numbered in the 600s.

There are 44 new School Special bus routes to take you to junior high school or senior high school. The path the routes follow and time schedules will likely be different than old School Special buses. In addition, many school trips will be provided by regular bus routes that have extra trips scheduled during the school year. You can see the routes for the new School Special bus routes and other regular buses on this interactive map.

On-Demand Transit Service

You might live in one of 37 neighbourhoods that are being served by flexible On-Demand Transit service, rather than by regular bus routes. There is no fixed route or schedule for On-Demand Transit shuttle buses. Instead, you can book a trip in real-time using an app, a website or a phone. More information is available at

These are significant changes, so it’s important that you be prepared for the new routes.  Have you planned ahead? 


School Special bus routes are intended to manage overcrowding on regular ETS bus routes caused by a large number of students travelling between a neighbourhood and a school. All customers are welcome to use both School Special and regular routes. ETS does not provide School Special bus routes to every school and students may need to make transfers to get to their designated school.

ETS works closely with the local school boards to set the timing of the School Special bus route. The number and location of School Special bus routes are reviewed every year and adjustments are made based on the number of customers along the route. When a route does not meet a minimum number of customers over a period of time, the service is moved to another area with higher demand.

There are 37 neighbourhoods that will be served by a new flexible On-Demand Transit service rather than a regular bus route starting April 25, 2021. School Special bus routes are not available in the neighbourhoods. However, junior high and high school students, as well as post-secondary students, can use the On-Demand Transit to support their school travel. Their experience would be the same as youth in neighbourhoods with regular bus service. They can travel with other customers using the On-Demand Transit service to a designated transit hub where they would transfer to regular bus routes destined for their school.

Guidelines for School Special bus routes are the same for all ETS service.

When waiting for a bus or train:

  • Avoid crowded bus stops and waiting areas
  • Wear a mask or face covering, some exemptions apply
  • Keep a distance of two meters from others while waiting at a transit stop
  • Customers with COVID-19 symptoms should stay home  

When getting on-board a bus or train:

  • Spread out where spacing allows
  • Stand away from the driver to give the driver space
  • It can be difficult to maintain physical distance on board public transit, so wear a mask or face covering (some exemptions apply)

Trip Planning Tools

Includes information about the various ways you can plan your trip, including the ETS Trip Planner, third party apps and route schedules. 

You can find the most up to date information at

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