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Genesis Catholic Online Elementary/Junior High School


Genesis Catholic Online Elementary/Junior High School (1-9)

Genesis Catholic Online Elementary/Junior High School is Edmonton Catholic Schools online school for Grade 1 to Grade 9 in the 2022-2023 school year. It is our commitment to offer exceptional and diverse programming options. Our students thrive in a Christ-centered community that embraces their program of choice and prepares them for the 21st century and beyond. Classes will be led by an Alberta-certified teacher. Instruction will be delivered using an outcomes-based approach that adheres to the Alberta Education Curriculum. 

Genesis Catholic Online Elementary/Junior High School is committed to offering: a virtual experience that operates in the same manner as in-person learning

We believe that great teaching is great teaching regardless of the setting. Our online teachers are skilled in providing virtual instruction that is both engaging and effective.  We are committed to consistent feedback and assessment for students and parents/guardians. A daily schedule will be established and followed. It will lay down the foundation for routine and include structured start and end times. We are focused on connecting with our online students despite the distance and will focus on creating a classroom community.

Genesis Catholic Online Elementary/Junior High School is asking our parents/guardians to commit to: a shared goal of student success

Critical to the success of our students in online programming is a shared commitment. We are asking our parents/guardians to be a supportive participant in their child’s online education. We believe a parent/guardian commitment is required to realize a successful online learning experience where there is a shared responsibility on the part of the student, parent/guardian, and teacher. This is especially critical in the elementary years. Student success at all grades is tied to regular attendance and engagement. Students will be learning synchronously online and follow a schedule that requires active attendance and participation throughout the day. 

Parents/guardians will need to ensure their child has a device that can access Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. The device can be a Chromebook, laptop, or desktop computer with Windows 10 or higher. It is imperative to have a reliable internet connection.

Genesis Catholic Online Elementary/Junior High School is for:

  • Students who are highly motivated and independent learners;
  • Students able to engage in the daily routines and expectations of the school;
  • Students who have medical issues which make in-person classes difficult;
  • Students transitioning from home education;
  • Students who have parents/guardians that can partner with the school in supporting the student in their learning.

We are encouraging families to see the online programming not as a short-term solution but as the best option for their child’s long-term success. For some students, the virtual classroom will elevate their educational experience while others may thrive best in an in-person learning environment. 

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