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Enrolment and Staffing Trends

Edmonton Catholic Schools is a Christ-centred community of learning. Our community is a team of students, staff, parents and church working together.

We offer students a message of hope and growth; living Christian values of faith, hope and charity; respect and compassion; and present the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The Edmonton Catholic Schools' experience is more than academic achievement. Christ's teachings inspire our staff to see each child as a precious gift and a sacred responsibility. This is reflected in everything we do ensuring the best learning possible for the children entrusted in our care.

Enrolment and Staffing Trends 2020-2021Enrolment and Staffing Trends 2019-2020
Enrolment and Staffing Trends 2018-2019Enrolment and Staffing Trends 2017-2018
Enrolment and Staffing Trends 2016-2017Enrolment and Staffing Trends 2015-2016
Enrolment and Staffing Trends 2014-2015Enrolment and Staffing Trends 2013-2014
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