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Catholic Advocacy

Each year the Board of Trustees focuses on specific topics about advocacy with Catholicity being the overarching theme in all communications and actions. The Board will continue in its role of ensuring the preservation of Catholic education and increasing the awareness of the uniqueness and value of Catholic education to families. In addition, the Board of Trustees will establish new relationships and nurture existing relationships with elected officials at various levels of government, with Catholic stakeholders, and with other education stakeholders.

Communication strategies will be centred on the adequacy of funding from the provincial government specifically related to the following topics:

Board Communication

Examine and develop opportunities to enhance Board communication within the community.


Following Board approval of the Capital Plan, the Board will explore options for wrap-around services or community partnerships.

In addition to the three-year capital plan and the ten-year capital plan, the Board will create an awareness to the appropriate ministries of the need for alignment between class size and the gym space and infrastructure required to accommodate the class size guidelines.

The plan will also address securing adequate, predictable and sustainable funding for expansion, preservation and modernization of existing schools as well as funding for new schools in new and established communities.

Transportation Services

The Board will appeal to the government to recognize the right of each student to safe and reliable transportation; increase funding for transportation to address reasonable ride times; and to support the unique needs of Special Needs students.

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