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School Resource Officer Program

"Our SRO is building relationships by helping coach our girls volleyball team. She also contributes to the school website and student newspaper (Constables Corner). She attends after-school events such as the Welcome Back BBQ and Christmas Family Night to help extend her community building to the families of our students. She’s truly become integral to our community."

The statement above from a high school principal is indicative of the partnership between Edmonton Catholic Schools and the Edmonton Police Service as it continues to be one of mutual and positive cooperation, respect and dedication to improving the lives of all its citizens. The School Resource Officer has truly become an essential component in our Division. It is ‘community policing’ in its purest form! Among some of the highlights that we benefit from at the school level:

  • demonstrating a visible presence in the school and the community through counselling, structured class presentations, lectures, continual interaction, mentoring and distribution of educational resource materials;
  • working cooperatively with school administrators, staff, students, parents, and the community to proactively identify and address school concerns or problems;
  • utilizing problem solving initiatives to address issues in schools;
  • establishing positive relationships with students allowing for a healthy respect resulting in a significant decrease in criminal events (and when they do occur, they’re dealt with far more efficiently);
  • allowing for proactive intervention with students that could become difficult out in the community after hours or on weekends; and
  • conducting investigations and enforcing laws/statutes.

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Additionally, at a Division level, we benefit immensely from the two SRO Unit sergeants who are regularly consulted on police and situational matters. Indeed, they play a key and critical role in Edmonton’s Community Threat Response & Intervention Support Protocol. Their support has proven to be immeasurable time and again! Their expertise and availability for advice, problem-solving and guidance truly makes not only our schools safer but also the entire City of Edmonton a better community for everyone!

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