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Division Archives


In 2003, Edmonton Catholic Schools undertook a collaborative visioning process to find ways to honour and preserve the history of its schools and culture.  Stakeholders from within the school division and Edmonton’s greater communities were invited to share ideas about what projects, initiatives and committees might form the foundation of an Archive and Collections. 

After bringing together a group of individuals to form a volunteer steering committee, the group began by: 

  • Establishing Areas of Archive Management, including Office & Administration and Collections 
  • Outlining an archival Policy, procedures and advisory system for Schools and Sites 
  • Outlining a project to collect Oral History 
  • Outlining a project to honour the Women and Men Religious of Edmonton Catholic Schools 
  • Employing a Division Archivist 

The mission of the Division Archives is to Collect, Preserve and Curate the history of the Edmonton Catholic School District.  

Our collections include Photographs, Media, Records and artifacts, as well as over 300 recorded Interviews with former staff and stakeholders. We offer advisory services to our schools, sites and staff, as well as Research services and support to the general public. 

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Structure and Projects

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Art, Ambience and Learning: A Catalogue of Visual Art at Edmonton Catholic School Sites

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