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Operational Practices

Student Conduct Policy

The Edmonton Catholic School Division has very high expectations for its students. These expectations have been established by the division to encourage all students to manifest responsible behavior that will benefit everyone. All students are expected to respect and adhere to the schools' expectations and accept the consequences of their own actions.

In situations where a student's conduct is less than respectful, the school community works together to help the student grow and learn from the experience.

Together, the school and parents promote a positive environment where each individual can flourish. Each school community establishes a student conduct policy to reflect the specific needs, concerns, and experiences of the school and its students.

A Safe and Caring Environment

A goal of the Edmonton Catholic School Division is to provide a safe and caring Christ-centered community for staff, students, parents and guests. All are equal in the eyes of God and are to be treated with respect and dignity.

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is always welcomed at any Edmonton Catholic school. In a more formal capacity, parents are encouraged to participate in school affairs through the School Council.

Each school has an established School Council that acts in an advisory capacity to the school principal and to the Board of Trustees.

The School Council provides ideas and opinions to assist the principal of a school in making decisions.

The Board of Trustees regularly meets with School Councils to review and discuss concerns and future directions of the division.

Some of the typical activities of a school council might include: developing the school's mission; promoting the school to the community; determining extracurricular activities to be offered in the school; and setting dismissal times.


The division operates according to the guidelines established by Alberta Education. Within those guidelines is the mandate to operate schools for 190 - 200 days each year.

Typically Edmonton Catholic Schools operate for 196 days each year - the division strives to maximize instruction time, yet takes into consideration the needs of the community.

Starting and finishes dates are determined on an annual basis. These dates are communicated to parents through the schools.

Student dismissal times are determined by each school and reflect the recommendations of parents.

The division has a fixed Christmas vacation encompassing December 24 to January 2. Students are also given an annual five-day spring vacation. The vacation commences on the last Monday of March and consists of five consecutive days inclusive of Good Friday and Easter Monday should either of these days occur during the five-day interval.

For more detailed information about holidays, view our School Calendars.

Counseling Services

Edmonton Catholic Schools has school and division-based counseling services available to all students. A special division support team is in place and ready to assist students and staff during times of crisis.


A child's classroom teacher is always a parent's first line of communication with the school, followed closely by the school principal.

Whether a parent is looking for special needs classes or has questions on their child's progress at school, there is always someone there to help.

Although schools organize parent-teacher meetings to review student progress following report cards being sent home, parents are encouraged and welcome to inquire about their child's progress at any time.

Schools in the division publish newsletters for parents. Parents are apprised of events, issues, and initiatives of the school through the newsletters.

Some schools have homework hotlines along with electronic bulletin boards to keep parents informed.
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