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The Ukrainian Bilingual program provides students with a wealth of experiences and advantages that benefit them within the classroom walls and beyond. The program explores many facets of Ukrainian culture. Students participate in celebrations which help them gain an understanding of the Ukrainian Catholic faith, with special emphasis on the Byzantine Rite.Collage of Students in the Ukrainian Bilingual Program

Students receive instruction as prescribed by Alberta Education. In addition, they learn to understand, speak, read, and write Ukrainian. Ukrainian language students have the opportunity to participate in testing for The Examination of Ukrainian as a Foreign Language certificates. Ukrainian bilingual programming provides a rich environment for the development of the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes that promote effective global citizenship and enhance the economic and career potential of the student.

Schools Offering Ukrainian Bilingual Programs

Yellow bus transportation to St. Brendan School is available from St. Martin and St. Matthew schools

Austin O'Brien School LinkSt. Brendan School LinkSt. Matthew School LinkSt. Martin School Link

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