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The International Spanish Academies and Bilingual Programs

  • are consistent with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • Aim for students’ high academic achievement and strong communicative skills in both Spanish and English
  • Strive to enrich and complement students’ first language
  • Place a strong emphasis on faith, language, and culture
  • Celebrate our faith with an annual gathering of all Spanish Bilingual students to honour Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • Provide French as a second language in grades 4 and upward
  • Employ dedicated professional staff and administration
  • Offer international proficiency exams as an official testing centre accredited by the Cervantes Institute of Spain

What does an International Spanish Academy include?

  • Collage of students in a Spanish AcademySupport from the Ministry of Education of Spain
  • Visiting teachers from Spain
  • Language and culture assistant programs
  • Spanish Language Advisor at Alberta Education
  • Supplemental materials and resources
  • Cultural contacts with Spain
  • Annual seminars for educators
  • The opportunity to obtain the DELE Spanish Proficiency Certificate

Schools Offering Spanish Bilingual Programs

Convenient yellow bus service offered for most Spanish Bilingual schools 

 Austin O'Brien School LinkFather Leo Green School LinkGrandin School LinkJohn Paul 1 School LinkLouis St. Laurent School LinkSt. Teresa School LinkSt. Brendan School Link

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