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Bilingual Programs

Bilingual programs aim for students’ high academic achievement and strong communicative skills both in English and in the target (second) language. They provide a rich environment for the learning of languages, cultures and subject-area content. Bilingual education strives to provide intensive language learning environments and enriched cultural experiences that maximize student opportunities for learning.

Our bilingual program students may enter the program at the Kindergarten or Grade One level, receiving up to 50% of their instruction in the target (second) language at the elementary level and up to 35% at the secondary level.

Edmonton Catholic Schools’ Bilingual programs provide the opportunity for students to develop strong bilingual and bi-literacy skills. Students develop an appreciation for other cultures and communities throughout the world.

Bilingual Programs Offered

Learn More about the Polish Bilingual Program

Learn More
about the Spanish Bilingual Program
DELE Spanish Proficiency Certificates

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