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Language Programs

Edmonton Catholic Schools’ language programs provide children with a wealth of experiences and advantages that benefit them within the classroom walls and beyond. Learning a second language will: 

  • Enhance academic growth and excellence, 
  • Enrich and complement a child’s first language,
  • Facilitate fluency in additional languages,
  • Encourage new ways of thinking about things,
  • Develop an appreciation for cultural diversity in Canada and the world,
  • Open doors to exciting career opportunities and earn citizenship in the world community.

French Immersion Program

French Immersion is designed for students who have the desire to learn French. Students may register in kindergarten or grade one. At the Elementary level, the language of instruction for all subjects except Religion is French, and students also have regular English Language Arts classes beginning in Grade 2. Particular attention is given to developing an appreciation of the French culture by offering annual cultural events and/or entertainment. Thirteen schools currently offer French Immersion programs.

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French As a Second Language Program

The French as a second language (FSL) refers to courses in which the French language is taught as a subject. FSL also enables students to better understand francophone cultures in Canada and in other countries of the world. FSL is taught 20 hours per year at the elementary and junior high levels, and 125 hours per year in senior high.

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Bilingual Programs


Bilingual programs aim for students’ high academic achievement and strong communicative skills both in English and in the target (second) language. Students receive up to 50% of their instruction in the target (second) Language at the elementary level and up to 35% at the secondary level.

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Language and Culture Programs

Language and Culture programs allow students to attain a foundation in a second language, and to gain insight into and an appreciation of another culture. Students receive 20 hours of instruction per year at the elementary and junior high levels, and 20 hours per year In senior high.
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