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Study Permit Requirements


In most cases, fee paying international students must have a Study Permit to study in Canada. Students should apply for a Study Permit as soon they receive a Letter of Acceptance from our office. Short-term programs of six months or less do not require a Study Permit.

A Study Permit is required for students applying to study for more than 6 months and must be applied for outside of Canada. A Study Permit is always recommended, regardless of the duration of studies, as students may decide to stay for an additional semester of studies after they get here.

Application for Study Permits are processed through Citizenship and Immigration Canada. For more information, please visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

Renewing your Study Permit

If you want to extend your stay in Canada as a student, you must complete the Application to Change Conditions or Extend Your Stay in Canada. Check the expiry date on your Study Permit, and make sure you apply before that date. You should apply for renewal at least 30 days before your current Study Permit expires.

Note: Children who are less than 17 years of age and studying in Canada without a parent or legal guardian must complete and include the Custodianship declaration (IMM 5646) with their Study Permit application. See the Instructions Guide (IMM 5552) for more information.

Visa Requirements

Students applying from some countries may require visas to enter Canada.
Please check with Canada Immigration for visa requirements.


Effective March 15, 2016, Canada will introduce an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) which will be required for visitors travelling to Canada by air (including international students) from all visa-exempt countries.

Apply on-line and learn more about the application process at:



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