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Edmonton Catholic Schools follows the world-recognized Alberta curriculum. Alberta has scored first place in Canada for meeting the academic needs of its students. It has received national recognition for its leadership in assessment and instruction, based on Program for International Student Assessment (PISA).

Edmonton Catholic Schools promotes the values, traditions and compassion of Catholic teaching. Catholic education is complete education addressing the needs of the whole child - spiritual, academic, physical, emotional and social.

Edmonton Catholic Schools Offers:

  • Alberta High School Certificate
  • ESL programming for all grade levels as needed
  • Customized Short Term Programs
  • University Preparation or 4th Year Program
  • Focus programs in International Baccalaureate Program (IB), International and Second Language Programs, All Girls Leadership Academy, Fine Arts, Sports and Science Academies
  • Excellent International Student Program


Our International Student Office Provides:

  • School and grade placement,  counseling, support and assessments
  • Student orientation
  • School support visits and monitoring of academics, attendance and behavior
  • Translation and interpretation services where required
  • Assistance with student permit renewals
  • Post-secondary information sessions

The International Student Program office is the first point of contact for all international students and staff work hard to ensure that students gets the best care possible.

Customized Short Term Programs

The goals of the short term programs are to enhance students’ language skills and improve communication strategies. 

Programs are offered to organized groups throughout the school year. Students will spend 2 – 4 weeks studying English while experiencing a variety of cultural activities. 

If an individual student would like to experience school life for less than a semester, please Contact us for more information.

Overview of Alberta’s Education System 

Excerpts from the Alberta Education website . The school system in Alberta is from kindergarten to grade 12. The grades are divided into kindergarten, elementary, junior high school and senior high school students.


Kindergarten (K)4-5 yearsEarly Learning


6-12 years

Elementary School


12-15 years

Junior High – also known as Secondary or Middle School


15-18 years

Senior High also known as Secondary School

Required Courses: All senior high students must complete the following: 

English or
French Language Arts



Social Studies

Physical Education

Career and Life Management (Calm)




Optional courses (Electives) vary from school to school and may include:

Second Languages

Fine Arts



Home Economics

Personal and social skills training

Vocational Training

Computer and Technology Studies

ESL Support




  • Alberta grants secondary diplomas to students based on a credit system
  • To complete senior high, students must be awarded 100 credits
  • Students are awarded credits for each course they complete with satisfactory results
  • Grade 12 students must write and pass diploma examinations in core subject areas to graduate
  • Diploma examinations are provincially administered and account for 50 percent of the students' final grade in the course 

For more information on graduation requirements, visit  Alberta Education’s Guide to Education.


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