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Living in Edmonton

Edmonton is a growing city that has one of the fastest developing economies in Canada. It is known for the river valley park system that runs through the city - it is 12 times larger than New York City's Central Park. We have cold, but sunshine-filled winters and very pleasant, warm summers. Edmonton is only a few hours drive from both the Banff and Jasper National Parks.

Find out more information about the City of Edmonton on the various websites such as: click “for Visitors”, or  For more links to information about the City of Edmonton refer to the Website Links section in this website.


There are several different options for you to secure accommodations in Edmonton:

  • Live with your custodian, a family member or a responsible adult
  • Live with a homestay family

Students who would like to live with a homestay family in Edmonton can apply to Canada Homestay Network at

Health Insurance

Student health insurance is mandatory for all students applying to the International Student Program.  The Program mandates this insurance to ensure that the students are protected by health insurance during the time that they are enrolled with Edmonton Catholic Schools.  Coverage is provided through Ingle International Insurance. For more information on Ingle, check out their link at


All international students under the age of 17 years of age must have an appointed custodian during their studies.  This is a requirement mandated by Canada Immigration and students will not receive their study permit without a notarized declaration form appointing a Custodian. For more information, refer to the Study Permit Requirements section in this website.

A personal view of Edmonton Catholic Schools

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