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Graduation Coach Initiative

Since its implementation in 2009, the FNMI Graduation Coach Initiative at St. Joseph High School has increased the three-year graduation rate of FNMI students from 14.9% to 60.4% by supporting the transition of students from junior high and retaining students as they progress through high school.

The significant increase in graduation rates has been accomplished through an innovative model which includes comprehensive individual and group supports for FNMI students.

More Information on the Graduation Coach Initiative

ECSD Grad Coach Evaluation 

The role of the graduation coach is to provide mentoring and guidance to FNMI students to ensure they are provided with a nurturing and safe environment that supports them as they find a sense of competence and achievement. Responsibilities include:

  • Helping students plan their high school courses
  • Career planning and goal setting
  • Easing transition concerns
  • Tutoring
  • Building a sense of community
  • Promoting school engagement
  • Advocating for students
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Fostering parent engagement

Graduation Coaches are located at St. Joseph High School, Archbishop Oscar Romero High School, Archbishop O’Leary High School and St. Francis Xavier High School.

Each school has a study centre where students can gather to work on projects, utilize computer stations, work with a tutor, attend cultural activities, receive individual counseling supports or attend career workshops.

Grad Coaches also work with junior high students to ease the transition to high school. This can be a stressful phase for all students as they must adapt to changes in the environment, educational practices, and social structures. Transition activities include:

  • High school prep classes
  • Transition retreats
  • High School Open House & Tours
  • Summer transition programs
  • Orientations and welcoming events


Pam Sparklingeyes 

Program Manager
Lumen Christi Catholic Education Centre
(780) 441-6080

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