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Cultural Instructors

Cultural Facilitator:

Gary Gagnon.jpgGary Gagnon  is the ECSD/ILS Cultural Facilitator who can support and present to the Elder on behalf of the requester , supporting the success of any ceremony.

Contact : (780-944-2000 ext. 358) or


Cultural Instructors:

Amanda Woodward.jpgRhonda Paul.jpgKaryn Gagnon.jpg

Amanda Woodward-Lamothe
ECSD/ILS Cultural Instructor

Contact: (780) 944-200 ext. 325, or


Rhonda Paul
ECSD/ILS Cultural Instructor

(780) 944-2000 ext. 341, or


Karyn Gagnon
ECSD/ILS Cultural Instructor

Youth Leadership and Cultural games workshops (K – 12)

Invite Karyn Gagnon to your next staff PD for a fun, hands-on Traditional Native Games in-service. The games are authentic North American Indigenous teaching tools and fit into all areas of the curriculum making learning fun and relevant. Karyn is also available to support teachers as they implement the games into their classroom.

Contact(780) 944-2000 – ext. 319 or


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