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Council of Elders

On behalf of the Council of Elders, I would like to extend greeting for a blessed school year. We have been busy in the community with harvesting medicines, attending ceremonies, pow wow and round dances. Our office is located at Ben Calf Robe School 11833-64 street, please feel free to drop by or contact us at 780-471-2360.  We wish everyone a blessed school year as we work towards making a difference into the lives of our children and community. The Council of Elders consist of First Nations Metis and Inuit members.  The Council of Elders is the knowledge and wisdom keepers.  They provide language, cultural wisdom and spiritual guidance to students and District staff based on the Pimatisiwin “Way of Life” teachings. Pimatisiwin means “Way of Life”, Pimatisiwin is a value that includes growth/change, pride, healing, self-esteem, unity, identity, tradition and culture. Advocating for First Nations, Metis and Inuit education m government and the broader community Acting as and be recognized as the authentic voice in areas of protocol and ceremony Encouraging parental and community involvement on furthering Indigenous education in ECSD Promoting the integration of First Nation, Metis and Inuit content and perspectives into provincial curricula, classrooms and schools Providing traditional guidance and support to staff and students in matters pertaining to traditional teachings and cross-cultural issues within the school and community Recruiting of First Nations, Metis and Inuit staff Member of the Council share cultural teachings and can be called upon to lead Indigenous ceremonies.  Sacred Indigenous ceremonies serve to develop an understanding of the connectedness between Indigenous spirituality and Catholicity.  Members of the Council assist in the planning and administering of Catholic celebrations. 

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