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Jean Forest All-Girls Leadership Academy

The Jean Forest All-Girls Leadership Academy is a junior high that empowers young women to achieve academically and grow spiritually by developing their gifts and talents. By identifying female roles in society and understanding women’s issues in learning, students enrolled in this program will receive a Christ-centred education which inspires young women to develop spirit, leadership, intellect, self-discovery and service.


Why consider an all-girls academic setting?

Studies show that girls in all-girls' schools:

  • Do better academically and in examinations for university entrance;
  • Are more likely to choose math and science courses and excel in these areas;
  • Are more likely to continue into post secondary education;
  • Have a greater sense of self esteem;
  • Have less stereotyped views of men's versus women's occupations.

Studies indicate that graduates from all-girls' schools are:

  • Much more likely to graduate from college or university;
  • More likely to obtain doctorates;
  • More likely to be professionals or hold executive or managerial positions in business;
  • More financially successful;
  • More active in community organizations.


The young women of the Jean Forest Leadership Academy are required to wear a uniform at all times during the school day. The Academy uniform must be worn in such a way that everyone associated with the academy can take pride in our students' appearance. Students are expected to wear their uniform at school as well as to and from school. The complete school uniform is to be worn within the school building throughout the day by all students. No out-of-uniform clothing may be worn within the school building during the school day. The young women of the academy must ensure their uniform is clean and neat. Students who wish to layer must wear a JFLA blazer or jacket, which can be ordered online. Uniform purchases can be made through our uniform company.

The following combination is called the Standard Uniform and may be worn every day. The standard uniform is to be worn on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday or when requested by the school administration. The administration may request that the girls specifically wear a skirt for certain occasions.

Standard Uniform

  • JFLA beige skirt
  • Black dress pant for cooler weather (no jeans, sweats, or yoga pants)
  • JFLA knitted sweater or sweater vest
  • JFLA white blouse (short and long sleeved)
  • Black knee high socks or tights
  • Black flat dress shoes (polishable)


Junior High Location

St. Cecilia Catholic Junior High School
8830 - 132 Ave NW 780 476-7695
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Mission Statement

To provide the finest Christ-centred learning environment which inspires young women to develop spirt, leadership, intellect, self-discovery and service.

Who is Jean Forest?

Jean Forest was born in Manitoba, and moved with her family to Alberta in 1947. She lived in Edmonton for the next 50 years, where she took an active part in the life of the community and inspired others to leadership roles, and community service. Jean served for 13 years as President and Managing Director of Jas-Day Investments Ltd., a company which owns Mountain Park Lodges, operating hotels in Jasper National Park. She was also appointed a director of Northern Transportation Co. Ltd. and C.N. Rail, crown corporations which were both privatized during her term on the board.

As a former teacher and the mother of a large family, Jean’s interest in education led her to seek election to the Edmonton Catholic School Board, on which she served for nine years as a Trustee (1968 - 1977), three of those years as Chairperson. During that time, she also served as President of the Alberta Catholic School Trustee’s Association. In 1972, Jean was elected to the Senate of the University of Alberta and shortly thereafter was elected Senate representative on the Board of Governors. After six years in these positions, she was elected Chancellor of the University and served the four-year term from 1978 - 1982. Jean was appointed to Alberta’s first Human Rights Commission in 1974 and to the Minister’s Advisory Committee on the Constitution in 1978. 

Jean has been actively involved in the life of her church at the local, regional and national levels. She has been the western representative on a number of committees set up by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. She also served on the National Pastoral Planning Committee for the Papal visit to Canada. She is a former President of the Edmonton Archdiocesan Council for Women and a former Vice-Chair of the Board of Governors of Newman Theological College. In 1996, Jean was summoned to the Senate of Canada and served there until 1998. She then retired to Victoria, where she is still active in Church work, volunteering as a tutor for immigrant children, and has also served as a member of the Board of Island Catholic Schools.

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