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Advanced Placement Program

The Advanced Placement Program is designed to provide motivated high school students with post-secondary-level academic courses. This rigorous academic program offers students a head start in successfully navigating academic challenges they will encounter at post-secondary schools. Based on their performance on AP examinations, students can earn credit, advanced placement, or both, for university and college courses. Students' achievements in AP courses are celebrated with course credit, College Board awards, and scholarships from most universities including the University of Alberta.

The AP Program provides:

  • A selection of academic courses at the post-secondary level taken in high school.
  • A focused learning environment
  • Academic skill development in writing, research, problem-solving, independent thinking, critical thinking and responsible scholarship
  • Increased confidence and readiness for post-secondary studies
  • Active, high-level learning that allows students to develop the skills, habits of mind, and concepts needed to succeed in post-secondary institutions
  • The opportunity to take courses in specific areas of student interest and ability
  • Credit for many university and college first-year courses
  • The chance to challenge AP Language exams in a variety of languages to receive advanced placement or credit at university and college

AP Students are:

  • Motivated to learn in a challenging academic setting
  • Eager to engage in independent research
  • Willing to challenge their thinking
  • Inclined to look at the world through a global perspective
  • Aspiring to academic excellence
  • Prepared to engage in deep and detailed study of specific subjects

AP Online Courses

Edmonton Catholic Schools offers online courses for all students who wish to earn credit in AP courses.  These courses are taught online by subject content experts who offer support, instruction and assessment.  Students can complete online courses at their own pace with the goal of writing the AP exam in May of the school year.  Exams for online courses are organized by the high school attended by the student.  

Online courses available:

  • Statistics (AP) 35
  • Psychology (AP) 20/30  
  • European History (AP) 35
  • Environment Science (AP) 35
  • Art History (AP) 35

Please see the Revelation online website or contact the school at for more information or to register for courses.

Schools Offering AP:

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