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Walking Together Towards a Glorious Future

The innovative approach of Walking Together Towards a Glorious Future evaluates schools and program offerings within the Division. On an annual basis, ECSD examines all opportunities to balance utilization, enhance learning environments, improve operating costs and develop a continuum of focus, language, and alternative programs. As a result, in some cases, the recommendation for school consolidations and/or school closures may be made.

Through the lens of Walking Together Towards a Glorious Future, we analyze and review viability, successes, and areas of improvement for schools and programs located across the Division. School enrolments, utilizations, student residencies, infrastructure requirements, operational costs, and possibilities for consolidations are all considered. Based on this analysis, recommendations are developed, and a comprehensive engagement process is undertaken to support project approval. This engagement process varies depending on whether the recommendation involves program changes or school closures.

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