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Clareview Rec. Centre

LINC - Clareview Rec. Centre (CRC) is located in Northeast Edmonton. Buses that stop at Clareview Rec. Centre are #121 and #108. Students can also take the LRT to the Clareview Transit Centre and walk to the Clareview Rec. Centre. It takes approximately 10 minutes to walk.

LINC CRC provides instruction for up to 6 classes of students, covering four progressive levels of Literacy instruction in each of our 2 Literacy programs. We offer full time morning and afternoon classes as well as part time evening classes. LINC CRC is one of the only schools in Edmonton that teaches exclusively Literacy classes.

Our program is designed for newcomers to Canada who have had limited, interrupted or no formal schooling in their country of origin. Access for our students to formal schooling may have been limited for many reasons such as war, the need to work to support a family, and limited access to schooling for girls and women. Without an adequate education in one's own language, it can become significantly difficult to then learn a second language (English) as an adult. Our students may not have been able to acquire the language and learning skills needed to thrive in a regular English language classroom setting or in a literate based society such as Canada.

Although we cover all aspects of learning English: listening, speaking, reading and writing, our classes provide slowly paced and focused learning in reading and writing. Students have the advantage of working with teachers who are specially trained to meet literacy needs. We have a Student Advisor on site in each of our full time and part time programs to assist students with daily living challenges.

In addition to language instruction, we also address the need for "digital" literacy among our students. We utilize a range of learning experiences, some of which include inviting guest speakers to classes and going on field trips. When our students near the required language benchmarks to write the citizenship test, we offer them a citizenship preparatory class which greatly improves their chances of passing the test.

Full Time Program
Part Time Program
Monday - Friday
Morning: 8:00am - 12:30pm
Afternoon: 1:00pm - 5:30pm
Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Evening: 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Holly Whitford
Administrative Assistant
Stefania Czyczlo
Administrative Assistant

Previously known as Sacred Heart

3804 139 Avenue
Edmonton, AB, T5Y 3E7

Tel: (780) 424-1596

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