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We say Oui in YEG - Video Series 

A video series called "We Say Oui In YEG" was created to highlight simple ways parents can support their French immersion child at home. 

The first video explores activities your child can participate in while using their French language skills.

Benefits of Bilingualism

Canadian Parents for French

Canadian Parents for French is an organization created by French Immersion parents for French Immersion parents.  A membership to Canadian Parents for French has  many benefits including:

  • Collage of French Resources and Student WorkAccess to French language resources for parents
  • French classes for adults
  • Libraries and interactive resources
  • Helpful online websites and guides
  • Resource "Yes You Can Help"
  • CPF - organized events including: workshops, conferences and activities for families

Visit the Canadian Parents French website for membership information and to learn more about what supports are available to French immersion parents.


Canadian Parents for French Website

Yes You Can Help

10 Answers for Parents About French Immersion

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