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Canada’s Coolest School Trip


Canada is a country that is full of rich history and stunning landscapes. Students from two of our Junior High Schools created a video highlighting which Parks Canada place they would like to visit to celebrate Canada's 150th in 2017!

St. Basil

Jasper National Park  - click here to vote (

Reasons you selected this Parks Canada Place:

We live in Edmonton, but Jasper National Park is our park. It is only a three hour drive, so we can go there anytime. Over 2 million people from all over the world visit Jasper National Park each year. There is plenty to do and see in Jasper. The most popular activities among visitors are canoeing, hiking, camping, skiing, fishing, swimming, biking, and so much more. Another fun thing to do there is to visit the glacier skywalk, which has an amazing view of the magnificent mountains. Jasper national park contains over 1000 km of beautiful backcountry trails. There is native wildlife in the park like elk, moose, bighorn sheep and bears. Jasper National Park's Spirit Island is one of the most commonly photographed spots in the Canadian Rockies. Colombia Icefields are the only glaciers accessible by roads. It also has the second largest glacier-fed lake. Our class took a trip to our favorite place, Jasper National Park. When we were there we got to experience amazing things, all because of Palisades, the only educational centre in the park. After a long day of experiences we went to Miette Hot Springs and relaxed in its natural pools. Canada's 150th birthday should be celebrated in Jasper National Park because it's the place where unforgettable memories are made. Because of the amazing scenery and wildlife, it will surely make you want to come back.


J.J. Bowlen

Yoho National Park – click here to vote (

Reasons you selected this Parks Canada Place:

"The scenery and landscape was beautiful, as well as the fact they help animals. We would love to go there!"

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of Canada – click here to vote (

Reasons you selected this Parks Canada Place:

"It's beauty stopped us in our tracks, if we didn't speak up for it we'd definitely crack. Its geographical features amazed us, and so did its creatures."