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Go Green Romero

Go Green Romero

A new initiative is blooming at St. Oscar Romero Catholic High School.

Students from multiple grades and classrooms are pitching in for the new Go Green Project. They will spend the year ‘playing in the dirt’ and experiencing authentic learning opportunities that reflect real-life learning.

The project includes garden boxes, greenhouses, hydroponics, aeroponics, three-step composting, worm composting, and even a new outdoor classroom. 

The second of three permanent greenhouses is delivered to St. Oscar Romero Catholic High School on September 7, 2021. Go Green project enlists students from multiple classes to build and maintain.

“By integrating scientific inquiry, environmentalism, wellness, and work experiences, students learn that topics in education intersect, that they can discover new passions beyond the walls of a school, and that we can all be good stewards of the earth,” says Sarah Mandolesi, Principal of St. Oscar Romero.

It’s a team effort from start to finish. Construction and Fabrication classes will build the garden boxes and greenhouses. The garden boxes will be set up around the school’s existing labyrinth in the shape of a sundial that will also serve as an outdoor classroom. Chemistry classes will develop a nutrient-rich soil dependent on what’s growing in each box and greenhouse. Biology classes will develop the seedlings while our WIN and K&E students will obtain Work Experience by maintaining each component.

“Our WIN students will be taking on a big role in the Go Green Romero project. For example, they will be in charge of maintaining our hydroponic filters,” says teacher Sophia Lobo. “It’s that routine, practical, and accessible work experience that will help our students build skills and opportunities to prepare them for life after graduation. Transitioning into the community is an integral component of the WIN program.”

St. Oscar Romero's Student Council Vice President takes questions from the media about the Go Green Project on September 7, 2021. 

As the school year progresses, more classes are expected to take part, including math, physics, art, Indigenous studies, sports performance, and physical education. The school garden has the potential to impact all learning outcomes. The Go Green project was made possible through support from Edmonton Catholic School’s Learning Services.

WATCH BELOW: CBC Edmonton visit's the Go Green Romero Project on September 7, 2021

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