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National Indigenous Peoples' Day

National Indigenous Peoples' Day

Edmonton Catholic Schools is proud to be participating in National Indigenous Peoples’ Day so that our students, staff, and families may honour, celebrate, and grow in appreciation of the valuable contributions of Indigenous peoples to our country. 

Governor General Romeo LeBlanc proclaimed June 21 as National Aboriginal Day (now National Indigenous Peoples’ Day) in Canada in 1996. The Royal Proclamation stated that, "...the Aboriginal peoples of Canada have made and continue to make valuable contributions to Canadian society and it is considered appropriate that there be, in each year, a day to mark and celebrate these contributions and to recognize the different cultures of the Aboriginal people of Canada."  

Special thanks to our Indigenous Learning Services for their leadership, ensuring that all the Division will have the opportunity to learn and to celebrate the richness of Indigenous culture!

Below you will find a series of videos for National Indigenous Peoples' Day which include welcomes from Division leaders, a blessing by Elder Betty Letendre, Ben Calf Robe dancers and drummers, and several Elder teachings.  

To view our National Indigenous History Month page with additional resources click here. 

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