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Name Our New Schools

Edmonton Catholic Schools is excited to be building a new K-9 school in Keswick and a new high school in Heritage Valley, and we need your help in naming them!


The culture and ethos of the school community will evolve from the name of a Catholic school. The intention of the name is to support the mission of the Catholic school to be consistent with the mission of the Catholic Church and to establish and deepen the relationship of everyone in the school with the person of Jesus Christ as members of his Body, the Church.

For a listing of the names of our current schools, visit

Criteria: As outlined in Administrative Procedure 544 -Naming of Facilities, names to be considered will be:

  • An aspect of the mystery of Jesus Christ (Christ the King, Good Shepherd, Holy Trinity, etc.)
  • Names accorded to Our Lady, who may be named under one of her many titles (Our Lady of Grace) or in relation to her life (Nativity of Our Lady, Assumption of Mary).
  • The name of a canonized saint.
  • The name of a former Pope or the name associated with heavenly beings such as angels.
  • The name of a person associated with the founding of Catholic education in Alberta may also be considered, (e.g. Father Lacombe) provided there has arisen around him or her a reputation for sanctity and dedication to Christ and His Church.

To suggest a name:
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All submissions must be received by 4 pm, January 31, 2021

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