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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Occupational Health and Safety

Certificate of Recognition (COR)

Maintaining our Certificate of Recognition (COR) is extremely important for our Division. A Certificate of Recognition (COR) is awarded to employers who develop health and safety programs that meet established standards as determined by Alberta Occupational Health and Safety. Each year, our program is audited by an external auditor to ensure compliance with Alberta OHS standards.

Psychological Health and Safety

As part of our strategy to help our employees achieve success at work and knowing that mental health directly impacts the work that we all do, we have formed a staff wellness committee. The committee supports all employees by providing wellness resources, tips and tools that are easily accessible. In September 2019, we launched the COR Wellness newsletter, which is emailed directly to all ECSD employees. We have had excellent feedback from employees and have had quite a lot of contribution on different topics that we post. The newsletter has become a mechanism to promote community within our workplace; which we believe fosters a psychologically healthy and safe work environment for all. 

Working with our EFAP providers has enabled the committee to assess the needs of our employees and create a tailor-made wellness plan for the Division. We are in the beginning stages of this committee, but the need is evident and the resources in our Division and in our community are endless.

Preventing Domestic Violence in the Workplace

The OHS legislation changes that came into effect in June 2018 now require workplaces to have plans in place to prevent occurrences of domestic violence in the workplace. Given this expansion of the OHS Act, OHS has been collaborating with Alberta Council for Women’s Shelters to develop a comprehensive action plan to ensure resources are available and that the risk of violence in the workplace is mitigated. A domestic violence in the workplace response team has been established; whose members are trained to recognize the signs of domestic violence and are able to offer support to the individual disclosing abuse and the manager/principal. In November 2019, this important initiative was introduced to principals and senior leadership at a Catholic Education Leadership (CEL) meeting. A new guideline has been created to assist employees in responding to a disclosure; and posters and brochures have been distributed to each site for display on the safety bulletin board.