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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Employee and Family Assistance Program

The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is directed toward the creation of an organizational culture that promotes love, hope, and faith so that all employees may move toward the wholeness and holiness to which they are called.

EFAP supports the mission of Edmonton Catholic Schools by providing practical, professional and comprehensive services to Edmonton Catholic Schools, its employees and eligible family members. Employee services include assessment of personal difficulties, intervention, counselling and where necessary or desirable, referral to community resources. EFAP also offers organizational services including consultation to supervisors on employee' performance difficulties, assistance with group dynamics that are interfering with departmental performance, coaching on when and how to refer an employee to EFAP and mediation.

Health and behavioural problems have a potentially serious impact on ill employees, their families and on employees' job performance. Most problems can best be alleviated when recognized early and appropriately treated. EFAP, therefore:

  • Conducts assessments, counselling, referral and case management services
  • Maintains an ethic of justice and care through confidential assistance to employees who are experiencing problems which may be interfering with their job performance and/or personal well-being
  • Assists supervisors in the remediation of job performance decline related to identifiable physical and/or psychological illness thereby benefiting ill or injured employee, their students, colleagues and family and the organization,
  • Offers critical feedback on organizational practices and policies that impede organizational health and those which foster it
  • Provides a safe environment where employees are honored and challenged to reflect, to grow and to integrate their learning into positive life choices
  • Works from a pastoral perspective encompassing the needs of the whole person
  • Collaborates with other ECS departments on initiatives that enhance organizational health
  • Maintains connection with community and private service providers to ensure that a broad range of programs and services are available to employees
  • Develops and delivers workshops, seminars and other professional development activities, upon request, to site staffs
  • Offers and supports health promotional and educational activities to individuals and groups
  • Promotes a sound and well-balanced approach to personal and work health.