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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Changes in Student Transportation - Sept 2018



ECSD is facing a $1 million transportation budget deficit for the 2018/2019 school year and one of the areas that administration has been addressing to improve efficiencies is a review of our transportation services delivery model. Reasons for the deficit include a steady increase in operating costs with no additional provincial funds, a 22% increase in yellow bus ridership and a 12 % increase in Edmonton transit ridership over the last five years. We believe that an immediate, sustainable approach with implementation of tiered bussing, shared bussing and continued collaboration with Edmonton Public Schools to operate double run will achieve significant savings. 

A strategic plan has been developed and changes for September 2018 include: 

Tiered bussing so that one bus can be used on two trips at the following schools: 

  • Father Michael Mireau / Corpus Christi 
  • Sister Annata Brockman / Bishop David Motiuk 
  • St. Bonaventure / St. Maria Goretti 
  • St. Charles / St. Lucy 
  • St. John Bosco / Christ the King 
  • St. Justin / St. Benedict 
  • St. Martha / Good Shepherd 

Shared bussing at the following schools: 

  • Archbishop Joseph MacNeil / Monsignor William Irwin 
  • Our Lady of the Prairies / H.E. Beriault / Blessed Oscar Romero 
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel / J.H. Picard 

2nd Trip St. Augustine

The first trip will drop off a bus load of students at the school and then leave for a second trip by picking up additional students. The afternoon will also operate with two trips. There will be additional school supervision in the morning and afternoon 

Edmonton Transit 

  • Austin O’Brien - Moving senior high students from bus route #99 to ETS 
  • St. Thomas More – Moving junior high students from yellow bus to ETS service 

Combining Routes 

  • St. Brendan – combining 4 yellow bus routes into 3 routes due to low ridership 

Tiered Bussing for Kindergarten Noon Hour 

  • Father Michael Mireau / Corpus Christi 
  • Our Lady of Victories / St. Paul 
  • St. Martha / Good Shepherd 

Shared Bussing for Kindergarten Noon Hour 

  • Father Leo Green / St. Philip 
  • Frere Antoine / John Paul I 
  • St. Boniface / St. Stanislaus 

Four-day kindergarten programs
throughout the District will no longer be offering Thursday morning program at the following schools: 

Archbishop Joseph MacNeil
Bishop Greschuk
Corpus Christi
Father Leo Green
Holy Family
Mary Hanley 
Monsignor Fee Otterson
Our Lady of Victories
St. Boniface
St. Gabriel
St. Lucy
St. Matthew
St. Thomas Aquinas

Collaboration with Edmonton Public Schools – Double Runs 

Father Michael Mireau – EPSB School
Mary Hanley – EPSB School
St. Angela – EPSB School
St. Gerard – EPSB School
St. John Bosco – EPSB School
St. John XXIII – EPSB School
St. Kateri – EPSB School
St Thomas Aquinas / EPSB School

Please know that these modifications are only being made after careful consideration. We realize these changes will affect your family’s schedule and wanted to give you time to prepare for these changes. A letter outlining the specific details of the changes in transportation as well as the affect on your child’s school hours of operation was sent home on May 3, 2018. Please go to your child’s school website to review a copy of the letter.

Thank you for your support as we work together to make our school transportation system as efficient as possible. If you have additional questions, please call District Transportation Services at 780-441-6078 or email