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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Bus Finder Tool

Edmonton Catholic Schools is excited to introduce the use of GPS technology on our yellow school buses with a new app called Bus Finder. This initiative supports the District’s continued commitment to providing safe and efficient transportation. Bus Finder is based on using the GPS tracking devices installed on the school buses. GPS coordinates are transmitted to the District’s network server and then matched to the routing software.

Bus Finder ONLY tracks the bus. Bus Finder does not track when a student gets on or off the bus.

Bus Finder will provide parents with: 

  • real time information on the location of their child’s bus 
  • accurate and timely information on bus delays 
  • minimize the time students may have to wait outside at the bus stop which is especially important in cold weather conditions 

Please note that Bus Finder does not replace or change any of the procedures that are currently in place. Bus Finder is additional technology that parents can utilize.

How can I view the location of my child’s yellow bus?