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Business Course

Here is an opportunity to get started on your future in the world of business.  You may start exploring your interests by enrolling in the dual credit opportunity of Business 200 and Computing Science 250. Edmonton Catholic Schools is offering these two 3 credit courses – Business 200, which is an introductory Business course and Computing Science 250 , which is an introduction to computer programming at the King’s University. These are both courses that are required in the Bachelor of Commerce through the Leder School of Business.


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Future Post-Secondary Opportunities

These courses is the first courses that all students are required to complete in the Bachelor of Commerce program through the Leder School of Business at The King's University.

You may apply for transfer to other post-secondary institutions in Canada.

  • The student must receive a minimum of C- in the courses for transfer to occur.

Transfer Information

These courses can transfer to other post-secondary institutions in Alberta and Canada.

  • Prior to entering any program at a post-secondary institution, the student must have the necessary pre-requisites required by the institution prior to be accepted into their program
  • Students must receive a minimum grade of C- for a course for transfer to occur to another post-secondary institution.


  • Management Consultant
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business/Corporate Lawyer
  • Tax Accountant
  • Investment Banker
  • Development Director
  • Sustainability Manager
  • Sports & Event Management
  • International Affairs & Foreign Trade Officer

Description of Courses / Pre-Requisites

Post-Secondary Course

**Each course is 3 credits
Description Pre- RequisitesDirect Transfer through Transfer Agreement -
Business 200This course provides an introductory overview of Canadian business, both as an area of study and as a potential career choice.  It explores basic business concepts, the nature of business and the opportunities and challenges of starting and operating your own business.  English 20-1 or

English 30-1 Concurrently
Athabasca Univ:  ENTP 2xx 
Concordia Univ:  BUS 2xx 
MacEwan Univ:  BUSN 201 
Univ of Alberta:  BUS 201 OR AUMGT 2xx 
Univ of Calgary:  Jr. MGMT 
Univ of Lethbridge: MGT 1000 
*can apply for transfer to other post-secondary institutions in Alberta or any post-secondary in Canada

Computing Science 250An overview of computing concepts and technologies. Topics include: the history of computing, computing hardware, operating systems, application software, networks, and a discussion of the role of computing and information technologies in society.English 20 – 1
Math 30-1 Concurrently
Concordia University of Edmonton
•  Grande Prairie Regional College

Course Alignment

Students will be taking the post-secondary course that is aligned to the appropriate high school courses.

Post-Secondary Course from The King's UniversityAlberta Education Course
Business 200MAM 3010: The Business Organization

MAM 3020: Business in the Canadian Economy

MAM 3910: MAM Project D
Computing Science 250 CSE 1010: Computer Science 1
CSE 1110: Structured Programming 1
CSE 1210: Client-Side Scripting 1

Course Evaluation

Students will have both the Alberta Education courses and The King's University course on their high school transcript.