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Accounting and Business


Accounting Technician

Dual Credit - Accounting Technician Brochure.pdf

Here is an opportunity to get started on your future in the world of business.  You may start exploring your interests by enrolling in the dual credit opportunity of Accounting Technician.  Edmonton Catholic Schools is offering 5 (3 credit) courses – Accounting 1, Accounting 2, Business Communication 1, Business Communication 2 and Computer Applications, which fulfill 5 of the 10 courses required to complete the Accounting Technician Certificate at NorQuest College.  Upon completion of the 10 courses, you will be able to engage in a 150 hour practicum experience, which will give you hands-on experience in the area of accounting. 


Future Post-Secondary Opportunities

These courses transfer to the Accounting Technician Certificate Program.

Upon successful completion, the courses can be applied towards the Business Administration Diploma.

Upon successful completion of the Diploma Program, you can transfer your diploma program credits (up to 60 credits) to the following post-secondary institutions for a Degree Program:

  • MacEwan University: Bachelor of Commerce
  • Concordia University:  Bachelor of Management
  • Athabasca University : Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Management
  • University of Lethbridge: Bachelor of Management


Upon successful completion of a degree program, you can apply for your status of "Chartered Professional Accountant" (Also known as your CPA designation)

You may apply for transfer to other post-secondary institutions in Canada.

  • The student must receive a minimum of C- in the courses for transfer to occur.


Transfer Information

Please refer to the chart below or the ACAT agreement for further inforamtion regarding transfer of the credits to other post-secondary institutions in Alberta.

  • Prior to entering any program at a post-secondary institution, the student must have the necessary pre-requisites required by the institution prior to be accepted into their program
  • Students must receive a minimum grade of C- for a course for transfer to occur from NorQuest to another post-secondary institution.



  • Business
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Office Supervisor
  • Payroll
  • Bookkeeping
  • Billing / Data Entry
  • Data-Based Administration
  • Financial Services


Description of Courses / Pre-Requisites

Post-Secondary Course

**Each course is 3 credits

Description Pre-Requisites Direct Transfer through Transfer Agreement -

Introduction to Accounting

BA 1110


**Course originates currently from Grande Prairie, but NorQuest have permission for use

This course provides an introduction to accounting procedures and financial statements, and their underlying concepts and principles.  Within this framework, accounting practice is integrated with the development of accounting information for effective decision-making.

Math 20-1 or 30-2 or co-requisite of Math 20-1 or 30-2

Univ of Alberta:  ACCTG 311 OR AUACC 311

Univ of Calgary:  ACCT 217 

Athabasca Univ:  ACCT 253

DeVry Institute of Technology - Calgary:  ACCT 1TR/218 (6)

King's Univ:  BUSI 253

MacEwan Univ:  ACCT 311 

MacEwan Univ:  ACCT 111 

SAIT Polytechnic:  ACCT 210

Univ of Lethbridge:  MGT 2100 

Principles of Accounting

 BA 1120

**Course originates currently from Grande Prairie, but NorQuest have permission for use

Further examine accounting procedures and their underlying concepts and principles.   Learn about additional standards and problems of valuation, income measurement and disclosure.

BA 1110 Introduction to Accounting


Athabasca Univ:  ACCT 253 

DeVry Institute of Technology - Calgary:  ACCT 1TR/218 (6)

King's Univ:  BUSI 253 

MacEwan Univ:  ACCT 161 

MacEwan Univ:  ACCT 311 

SAIT Poly:  ACCT 215/255 (6)

Univ of Alberta:  ACCTG 311 OR AUACC 311

Univ of Lethbridge, The:  MGT 2100


Business Communication 1

BA 1010




Business Communications 2

BA 1020



**These 2 courses will be taught during one 3 credit time allotment.

Focuses on writing skills including introduction to paragraphs, essays, research papers and business correspondence with emphasis on practical application for writing.


Students will study specific forms of business and employment communication including business letters and memoranda, resumes, covering letters for job applications and interviewing, formal report writing, graphic design principles and business meetings.

English 20-1 or 30-2 or co-requisite of English 20-1 or 30-2

SAIT Polytechnic:  COMN 220



Athabasca Univ:  ADMN 233

Concordia Univ:  BUS 1xx

King's Univ:  BUSI 2xx

MacEwan Univ:  ENGL 211

SAIT Polytechnic:  COMM 272 or COMN 220

Univ of Calgary:  Sr. MGMT

BA 1150 : Introduction to Computers in BusinessLearn from this practical application to the software applications most commonly used in business.  Develop a basis working knowledge of a desktop operating system and a suite of business software applications that include: file management, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and database management.

English 20-1 or 30-2 or co-requisite of English 20-1 or 30-2 plus a recommended Keyboarding skill of 25 words per minute

Athabasca Univ – CMIS 245 or COMP 210

DeVry Institute of Tech – COMP 100

MacEwan Univ– MCSP 131 or MSYS 200

Univ of Lethbridge – CPSC 1000 or MGT 2060


Course Alignment

Students will be taking the post-secondary course that is aligned to the appropriate high school courses.


Post-Secondary Course from NorQuest Alberta Education Course
Accounting 1 (Business 1290)

FIN 1015: Accounting Prep

FIN 1020 (need 1015): Accounting Cycle I

FIN 1030 (need 1020): Accounting Cycle II

FIN 2020 (need 1030): Retail Accounting 1

FIN 2030 (need 2020): Retail Accounting 2

Accounting 2 (Business 1291)

FIN 3010 (need 2030): Advanced Acctg

FIN 3030 (need 2030): Capital Acctg

FIN 3040 (need 2030): Financial Statements

FIN 3060 Financial Analysis

Communications 1 (Business 1279)

Communications 2 (Business 1280)



MAM 1030: Communication Strategies 1

MAM 2060: Communication Strategies 2

MAM 3080 Communication Strategies 3

Computer Applications (Business  1310)

INF 1030: Word processing 1

INF 1050: Database 1

INF 1060: Spreadsheet 1

INFO 1070: Digital Presentation


Course Evaluation

Students will have both the Alberta Education courses and the NorQuest courses on their high school transcript.