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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Learner Profile

Online education is not for every student. There are some very important attributes that a student should not have that would help to indicate the level of his or her success. The following survey will help to guide your decision. It is not intended to tell you whether you'd be successful or not but to help you understand some of the expectations that would be required of a student at Revelation.

Please choose one answer for each question and then score it appropriately using the scoring guide below. You may wish to print out this guide before completing it.

  1. I usually complete homework and other assignments
    1. on time
    2. at the last minute
    3. past the deadline
  2. I am considering taking Revelation courses because
    1. the flexibility fits into my schedule
    2. I want to add another course to a full load
    3. I can never seem to make it to my classes
  3. When I have to work individually,
    1. I almost always complete the task successfully
    2. I finish the task, but I feel a bit uncomfortable without the teachers' presence in class
    3. I rarely finish the task
  4. If I am having difficulty with an assignment,
    1. I always ask for help
    2. I sometimes ask for help
    3. I rarely ask for help
  5. Written instructions are
    1. easy for me to follow
    2. easy to follow, but I would prefer to have the teacher explain them to me
    3. confusing and frustrate me
  6. I consider myself to be
    1. a good reader
    2. an adequate reader
    3. a slow reader
  7. When I turn in work,
    1. I can move on to the next assignment while waiting for feedback
    2. I need feedback within a few days
    3. I need immediate feedback
  8. Face to face meetings with my teacher and my classmates
    1. are not important to me
    2. are helpful but not essential
    3. are very important to me
  9. When asked to about my technology skills,
    1. I am comfortable with them and enjoy trying new things
    2. I am hesitant and am not too comfortable with computers and the internet, but I am persistent and determined
    3. I am very uncomfortable and don't really like the computer​
  10. As a learner, I would classify myself as being
    1. highly independent
    2. somewhat independent
    3. dependent

Scoring Analysis:

For each letter A you selected, give yourself 3 points. For each letter B you selected, give yourself 2 points. For each letter C you selected, give yourself 0 (zero) points. Add up the total and check the list below.

If you scored from 20-30, you are probably suited for a course from Revelation. You are an independent learner who doesn't need constant supervision, and you have the self-discipline to complete tasks on time.

If you scored from 10-20, you probably need to think very carefully about signing up for a course from Revelation. It does not mean you will not be successful but it does mean that you may not like learning this way or that you find it more difficult that a regular classroom. Please realize that you will probably have to adjust the way you approach your learning strategies to achieve success.

If you scored from 0-10, you are probably more well suited for the traditional classroom and a course from Revelation may not be the best for you.

Please remember, your level of success in any course is determined by a number of factors. This survey is not meant to tell you you will or will not be successful but is an indicator as to what you can expect to see with a course from Revelation. The higher your score, the better chances you have of succeeding.

Survey adapted from Amarillo College Online Distance Education Assessment Survey