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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Important Tips for Revelation Students

Start off right.

Review the following pointers. They will help you be prepared and feel confident in starting your course.

  • Go to the course Introductions section, where you'll find your instructor's introduction, e-mail address, and instructions on how you can contact your instructor for help.
  • At the start of the course e-mail your instructor, confirming that you are taking the class, introduce yourself and make arrangements to obtain your textbooks.
  • Read your course syllabus carefully and note all deadlines and due dates. Pay careful attention to any special instructions, guidelines or requirements your instructor provides.

Advice from the pros: Keep up!

Experienced eLearners often give this advice: "Keep up with the work; don't get behind." eCourses require self-motivation and discipline, and it's important to give them the same dedication and effort that you would devote to traditional face to face courses.

Some good ways to stay on top of your work are:

  • Pay close attention to deadlines and due dates. Even courses specifically labelled "self-paced" have deadlines. Remember, we are a semestered program, all courses have set completion dates; they're not negotiable.
  • Plan ahead. Give yourself plenty of time to complete your assignments and prepare for tests. Avoid procrastination!
  • Use the course calendar. The course calendar should keep track of all "events"... assignments, tests, labs etc. Make and stick to your schedule.
  • Review your course syllabus from time to time, and stay in close contact with your instructor.

Let the 3 P's work for you

participation, persistence and patience.

  • Participation plays an important role in an online class. Your comments, questions, and answers all contribute to making the class feel more like a community. You'll find that answers to questions don't always have to come from the instructor; you can use the email, chat, or bulletin board tools to ask other students, or form virtual study groups.

  • Persistence is a valuable quality for eLearners, too. Keep trying until you get the answers you need. Make notes on areas where you have questions, and actively seek out the answers from your classmates and instructor. No one can see that baffled look on your face, so if you need clarification or explanation, ask for it. If technical problems come up, don't put off dealing with them. Seek out online technical help immediately, contact your instructor or call Mr. Nesbitt at 780 989-3000 or 780 974-4619.

  • Patience will help you in eLearning, too. Be patient with yourself, allowing the extra time you may need to master course content and new technical skills. Be patient with others in the class, too, and be considerate in your comments and emails. If you disagree with people, don't "flame" them by lashing out in words. It is all right to disagree, but the same rules of courtesy apply in an online classroom as in any other setting. Remember that others can't see your facial expression when you make a joke or sarcastic remark, so write your messages clearly to convey your meaning accurately.​